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Re: [Enigma-devel] Improved version of Sentry Duty level

From: Moon Pearl
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Improved version of Sentry Duty level
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 14:52:12 +0200

> Ok then, we could at least *try* to order them by difficulty.  Here is the
> scheme I would propose, to start off the discussion.  We should rank the
> along several axes, for example according to the intelligence, dexterity,
and patience
> required to solve the level.  I think 5 levels of difficulty are enough
for each category,
> their meaning could be something like this:
> 1 - very easy
> 2 - easy
> 3 - requires some experience
> 4 - difficult
> 5 - very difficult

> If we had those scores for every level, we could even display them in the
> menu!

I hadn't considered ranking the difficulty along several axes yet, but it
sounds very interesting to me. This is a fine compromise between strict
difficulty ordering and relative ordering : we'll just have to rank the
levels by "overall difficulty" (say int+dex+pat if we follow your example),
but make sure that we "shuffle" hard "int" levels, hard "dex" levels and
hard "pat" levels among the overall hard levels.
Plus, ranking levels in such a way is quite an objective alternative. Our
appreciations shoudn't differ that much.
I would just add a forth (and minor) axe : knowledge of the game. Some
levels may be found very easy by us harsh Enigma players ;-), because they
don't require much intelligence, dexterity or patience. But if you have to
do something "smithing a sword by firing a laser on a hammer" in order to
succeed, beginners may take ages to find the solution. We could rank the
levels along the knowledge scale with only 3 levels (e.g. 1-beginner,
2-advanced, 3-expert), and just make sure the levels order fits this
But Daniel's system suits me very well !


PS: maybe it would be time to change the topic ?! ;-)

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