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Re: [Enigma-devel] .enigmarc updater

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] .enigmarc updater
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 22:51:13 +0200
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Tacvek wrote:
This new score system will be included in the .enigmarc.xml file? (currently enigmarc3.xml) If so, it seems that you should be able to write the scores to that file now, but continue reading from enigmarc and .enigmarc2. You could even continue to write the scores to enigmarc2 so that the older
trunk versions still work.

No - the scores will be stored in a separate file on the user data path. In combination with the changes of r156 a user will be able to store the scores on an USB stick or a shared partition. So the user will have only one score file even if he/she uses multiple Enigma installations.

The problem with the oxyd/esprit packs is the missing "indexname" in the index*.txt. If Raoul or Andreas can provide this field as they did for the enigma_* packs all old scores should be visible and new ones should be upward compatible.
Oh, I had assumed the use of the slash in the file name inside .enigmarc was intentional.
Now when i thing about it, that does not make sense.

Perhaps a good idea then would be to provide a script to strip foldernames from .enigmarc2, to be used by any testers after the index name feilds are added, to avoid loosing scores from recent builds.

Up to 0.92 the scores did reference the relative filepath (without filesuffix) of a level to the data/level directory: "welcome", "Sokoban/xsok_1".

After 0.92 Daniel did introduce the field "indexname" in the index*.txt to allow the resorting and renaming of levels. This indexname freezes the old relativ filepath for upward compatibility.

With XML levels and indexes the scores will reference the "id" attribute of the "identity" element of the level. Old levels will store the old "relative filepath" as id - new levels are free to use an arbitrary string as id. The only demand for the id is the global uniqueness. Read the trunk reference manual about further details.

The slash does not matter at all. Without the "indexname" in the oxyd packs the new relative file path is used for the scores. Thus the old scores are not found (but should still exist) and new scores are stored with wrong references.

On a somewhat related note: The message on the Enigma homepage indicating that Enigma development is slow is not exactly true anymore. Some fairly substancial changes have occured over the last three months. Perhaps that message should come down.

Daniel's lack of time.

Also on one last note, it would still be nice to do something with enigma-game.org. At the very least, put up a redirect to the game's current hompage.

My lack of time.

- Ronald

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