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Re: [Enigma-devel] BUG: tolua verirrt

From: Raoul
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] BUG: tolua verirrt
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 21:19:22 +0100
User-agent: IceDove (X11/20061116)

>> You certainly have no ".enigma_de.texi" in your doc/manual directory.
>> But the rules apply are the same for all languages. Did just the
>> German manual cause problems? May be another incompatibility in
>> automake 1.10!
>> @Tacvek - did you notice any problems?
> I don't remember seeing any such errors in the documentation.
> I think I may have seen a few crosslink-target-missing style warnings,
> but those have been around for a long time.
> I do see such an error with the latest SVN head, using automake 1.10.
> It does appear to go away with 1.9.
> Found the problem.
> AM-1.10 defines "builddir=." That leading dot gets appended to all the
> languages (German just happens to be the first one, in the list, so it
> causes an error).
> The fix is not pretty simple.
> Replace the existing "HTML=" line in /doc/manual/Makefile.am with:
> "HTML = $(addprefix $(if $(builddir),$(builddir)/,), $(addsuffix
> .html, $(basename $(notdir $(TEXI)))))"
> Appears to work fine on both AM-1.9 and AM-1.10
Yes, for me (AM 1.10) it works fine.

There is a similar problem, when doing the pdf target (make pdf).
The solution is also identical:

PDF = $(addprefix $(if $(builddir),$(builddir)/,), $(addsuffix .pdf,
$(basename  $(notdir $(PNG)))))

in doc/manual/images/Makefile.am

-- Raoul

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