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Re: [Enigma-devel] BUG: tolua verirrt

From: Sidney Markowitz
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] BUG: tolua verirrt
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 09:06:00 +1300
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Ronald Lamprecht wrote, On 9/12/06 6:45 AM:
>> I'd be interested in knowing what other differences there are on OS X.
>> I am concerned about that patch causing problems.
>> If I recall correctly, _SOURCES is a bit special compaired to the others,
>> and if possible should not be conditionalized.
>> Is there a problem with making the dummy.cc non-conditional?
> Do you suggest just to add an empty dummy.cc to tolua_SOURCES and the
> svn trunk/tools what would cause the file to exist for distribution and
> the compiler/linker to use the desired flags?

I'm not expert on MacOS X at the moment, nor on the Enigma build. I just
did enough to identify what the problem was and demonstrate a way of
working around it. All I really can say is that you have to use g++ to
link if any of the object files are compiled as C++.

Is there still the possibility that LUA is going to be compiled as C
instead of C++? Does that conditionalization still need to be in the
build? If you are always going to use LUA++ why not just rewrite tolua.c
to be tolua.cc and then there is no need for dummy.cc?

>> I'm also curious about why this problem has not already come up.
>> When we made CXXLUA default on all platforms, the mac problem should
>> have appeared.
> Sidney reported that he did not compile Enigma for a longer time. But
> Johannes should have compiled the alpha version on 31 October.

When I looked at this I reverted svn trunk to find out when the problem
started, and it was with rev 355 on 2006-10-7. But if Johannes did not
see this problem, maybe there is something wrong with my build
environment. As I said, I have been using MacOS X but I have not yet
become expert in it. Johannes, any comment?

 -- sidney

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