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[Enigma-devel] "Acoustic Memory" in Mac OS X gets stuck

From: Clifford J. Tasner
Subject: [Enigma-devel] "Acoustic Memory" in Mac OS X gets stuck
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 21:35:56 -0800

When I am going from level to level using the F4 or F5 keys, and I am leaving the level entitled "Acoustic Memory," the program freezes for around`15 seconds before it moves on to the next level.

There are three other issues that I'm having:

1). The chess knights - I love the concept - I understand how they are to be moved, but in practice, I find that much of the time, the pieces won't move when I strike them with my marble. And when the same pieces are struck the same exact way later on, they will move. These would be a lot more fun to work with if they were more responsive to attempts to move them from place to place.

2). While playing the Enigma 0.92 - 3 level entitled "Map It Out," the program has crashed twice on me.


3). I am running Enigma on Mac OS X. I understand that I am supposed to send in the user path: /users/cliffordjtasner/.enigma. However, I don't know how to access the code on my machine that will allow me to find that file. When I use NetInfo Manager and look under 'users' and my name, the file isn't listed. I am not very experienced in programing my computer, just in using it. Is there anyone among you who is experienced with Macs and who can advise me how to find this file so that I can post my scores? I want to participate along with everyone else who gets such great enjoyment from this game.

Thank you for all your wonderful work on Enigma 1.00.

I have now completed 890 levels.

Happy New Year!

Clifford J. Tasner
(aka Taztunes)

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