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[epsilon-devel] epsilon in javascript in the browser

From: amz3
Subject: [epsilon-devel] epsilon in javascript in the browser
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 23:51:14 +0100
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Héllo all,

I am working on a epsilon implementation in JavaScript. The purpose of this project are manyfolds:

- *learning*: it's easier for me to understand (and write to some extend) JavaScript than C and sadly even Scheme. This will lower the barrier of entry for people that want to get a grasp of what epsilon is. - *comparative*: it will be possible to compare speed with other runtimes - last but not least: people will be able to test epsilon directly in the browser without the need to install anything!

As of yet, it's not possible to test it without downloading with git clone https://gitlab.com/gnu-epsilon/epsilon-js.git or wget https://gitlab.com/gnu-epsilon/epsilon-js/repository/archive as I have some troubles with my hosting machine... Anyway, like I said you only have to download, open index.html in a browser.

If you ever happen to succeed to run the application ;) you will quickly find out that there is not much (!). As of yet, I only implemented a few e0:* procedures, and no e1:* procedures except e1:define which I'm not sure is correct.

Anyway, this is a (good?) starting point for future work which I will continue as soon as I understand better epsilon ;)

Technical note: this is kind of anectodical, the project is not actually written in JavaScript itself, but in Python translated using the veloce mode of Pythonium https://github.com/pythonium/pythonium

Happy hacking!

amz3 ~ http://hypermove.net/

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