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[epsilon-devel] jitter and libtextstyle

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: [epsilon-devel] jitter and libtextstyle
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 16:26:38 +0200
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Hi Luca!

I recently "libtextstylized" poke, and to complete the process I would
need a few changes in the Jitter API.

First, PREFIX_print_program currently is invoked like:

    pvm_print_program (stdout, prog);

Where the first argument is a FILE*.  In order to be able to apply style
in the printed disassembly, I would need PREFIX_print_program to get a
hook instead, that will do the printing of the entities.  The hook
should also be made aware of the kind of entity it is printing, like
instruction mnemonic, or argument type.

Also, the instruction pretty printers currently are implemented as hooks
that also get a FILE *.  Example:

   instruction itoi (?n pvm_literal_printer_cast) # ( INT -- INT INT )
      PVM_CONVOP (INT, int32_t, int, int32_t);


    pvm_literal_printer_cast (FILE *out, jitter_uint val)
      fprintf (out, "%" JITTER_PRIu, val);

I am already ignoring the OUT argument in some places, like in:

    pvm_literal_printer (FILE *out, jitter_uint val)
      /* XXX what about out.  */
      pvm_print_val ((pvm_val) val, 10, 0);

But then I'm afraid of Jitter relying on the order imposed by the FILE
stream, or caching it in some other way.

I can always flush the libtextstyle output stream in each pretty
printer, and simply ignore the OUT, but that seems a bit fragile to
me...  what are your thoughts about an API that would allow
client-provided printers?  That would be perfect for me, and for other
users of libtextstyle as well! :)

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