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Jitter: new stack primitive (or micro-primitive): quake

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: Jitter: new stack primitive (or micro-primitive): quake
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2019 03:58:39 +0100
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Hello José.

I have added a new stack operation we discussed in Frankfurt, with

  ( a b c -- b a c )

In Poke you are generating code like

  >r swap r>

, which can be made simpler and much faster using the new operation.

I think you were not present when I proposed the name "quake" for it,
the metaphor being a displacement of objects right below the surface,
which does not affect the surface.

We agreed with Darshit, whose English pronunciation is native, that
"quake" is one syllable; therefore it fits the naming pattern for stack

The "Uninspired" example VM contains an instruction using the operation,
that you can take as a model.  It is trivial to use, and of course works
with both TOS and non-TOS stacks.

Tag v0.9.204 .

Other more important changes are coming.


Luca Saiu
* My personal web site:  http://ageinghacker.net
* GNU epsilon:           http://www.gnu.org/software/epsilon
* Jitter:                http://ageinghacker.net/projects/jitter

I support everyone's freedom of mocking any opinion or belief, no
matter how deeply held, with open disrespect and the same unrelented
enthusiasm of a toddler who has just learned the word "poo".

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