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Re: build fails on MacOS/MachO: not ELF or COFF

From: Niobos
Subject: Re: build fails on MacOS/MachO: not ELF or COFF
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 17:13:32 +0000
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Hello Luca,

Thank you for the very quick reply!

On 11/05/2020 17:34, Luca Saiu wrote:
> ...And now I should have fixed it now in the "niobos" Jitter branch.  It
> is more complicated than I would like but hopefully correct.
> Can you please test again, by compiling only Jitter?
> Please do the following:
> * Enter a fresh, empty directory.
> * Clone the repository:
>   git clone http://git.ageinghacker.net/jitter
> * Enter the jitter source subdirectory:
>   cd jitter
> * Enter the bugfix branch:
>   git checkout niobos
> * bootstrap, configure and build in the current directory:
>   ./bootstrap && ./configure && make && make check
>   You may add options to configure if you think it is useful, for
>   example in order to reproduce your earlier Poke build; I ignore the
>   details about how you were building Poke on your system.
>   The testsuite is a little heavyweight, but let us run it once.

Since my build-environment is a bit complicated (homebrew injecting
current versions of flex/bison/...), I've first tried to reproduce the
original issue using master (ec3ea52f0dceca9d8c525424ef70093095bf95a7)
and the instructions above, with success (i.e. the build fails).

For the niobos branch (d43116ba9a39d093fd7b3c60ebda33939372a11c), it
works a bit better:

the build (`make`) succeeds, but the testsuite (`make check`) fails.
What is strange is that the testsuite fails in several different ways:

The first `make check` fails to compile.
The second time, it takes a looong time (over 7 minutes on my 8-core
2.3GHz i9 machine), and gets to the actual tests, with 0 PASSes.
A third run is faster, and gives the same test results (all failures/skips)
Output of all three runs attached.

I'd gladly run more tests for you, but do let me know if I can
contribute in a more meaningful way.

Thank you again for your efforts,

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