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Re: build fails on MacOS/MachO: not ELF or COFF

From: Niobos
Subject: Re: build fails on MacOS/MachO: not ELF or COFF
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 06:10:36 +0000
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Hi Luca,

On 12/05/2020 03:35, Luca Saiu wrote:
> I added some debugging code to the test suite machinery in order to see
> at which point it misbehaves.  The code is only in the niobos branch.
> Could you please run the Jitter test suite again and send me a tests/
> tarball ?

Attached you can find my tests-directory after running
./bootstrap && ./configure && make && make check
on a freshly checked out 9eef0a4a7ff10fad99a6a5f31441005a3f85851f

Thank you for following up on this,

Attachment: tests-9eef0a4.tar.xz
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