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Re: Jitter portability improvements, poke updated

From: Niobos
Subject: Re: Jitter portability improvements, poke updated
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 06:58:05 +0000
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Hello Luca, others,

I can confirm that the current Poke (b29ddd22) builds and works. I'm
assuming (based on your other mail) that the Jitter submodule of Poke
refers to this build.

Thank you for your effort to make jitter work on MacOS. I really
appreciate it!


On 18/05/2020 23:36, Luca Saiu wrote:
> Hello Niobos and Alfred.
> Before committing a big change I would like you, particularly Niobos, to
> test these tarballs on your system:
>   http://ageinghacker.net/jitter-scratch/
> structured-simple-1.0.tar.gz and structured-with-library-1.0.tar.gz are
> supposed to work.
> Can you please confirm?
> If the compilation part works and want to test the generated program,
> run
>   bin/structured examples/primes.structured
> If you build out of the source directory, you know how to adapt
> pathnames.
> Thanks,

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