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Re: JITTER warnings with -fanalyzer

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: JITTER warnings with -fanalyzer
Date: Thu, 06 May 2021 00:21:59 +0200
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>>    2376:../../jitter/jitterc/jitterc-scanner.c:2583:26: warning: dereference 
>> of
>> NULL 'b' [CWE-476] [-Wanalyzer-null-dereference]
>>    2541:../../jitter/jitterc/jitterc-scanner.c:2595:30: warning: dereference 
>> of
>> NULL 'b' [CWE-476] [-Wanalyzer-null-dereference]
>>    2723:../../jitter/jitterc/jitterc-scanner.c:2739:12: warning: leak of
> False positive as far as I can tell.  This code is within a function
> entirely generated by flex, and line numbers seem to match with my flex
> version.  Does this analysis run inter-procedurally?  If so there might
> be some real problem with its callers, even if I have my doubts.

I think it does, to some extent.

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