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“GNU Jitter and GCC: The fun of playing with fire”: recording published

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: “GNU Jitter and GCC: The fun of playing with fire”: recording published
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2022 23:39:25 +0100
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Thanks to José's efforts, who after organising the event also did the
video editing himself, we now have a recording of my Binary T00ls Summit
talk about Jitter.

The ridiculous title is
  GNU Jitter and the illusion of simplicity
  Copying, patching and combining compiler-generated code in
  executable memory
  The Anarchist's guide to GCC
  The fun of playing with fire

Alternatively, if you prefer the shorter form:
  GNU Jitter and GCC: the fun of playing with fire

The official abstract is:
  GNU Jitter is a generator of portable and efficient language virtual
  machines; a Jittery VM lies at the heart of GNU poke.
  Jitter achieves high performance by first machine-generating C code,
  then compiling the generated code ahead-of-time with GCC, and finally
  copying, patching and recombining pieces of native code at run time
  into executable memory.
  GCC was definitely _not_ designed for this task.

  In this talk about the inner workings of Jitter I will show how to
  coerce the compiler into generating code suitable for run-time
  replication and how to maintain correctness, without the user
  noticing, when GCC optimisations play against us.
  In a task where many have failed before I believe I can now show a
  recipe for success.

You can find a video recording on the Internet Archive at
and my presentation slides, slightly updated, on my web site:

Thanks to José and to the other participants for making the event so
pleasant and for their interest.

Luca Saiu
* My personal web site:  http://ageinghacker.net
* GNU Jitter:            https://www.gnu.org/software/jitter
* GNU epsilon:           https://www.gnu.org/software/epsilon

I support everyone's freedom of mocking any opinion or belief, no
matter how deeply held, with open disrespect and the same unrelented
enthusiasm of a toddler who has just learned the word "poo".

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