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[Erc-announce] Upcoming rename of erc-discuss to emacs-erc

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: [Erc-announce] Upcoming rename of erc-discuss to emacs-erc
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2020 23:58:45 -0500
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Hello folks,

Quick summary:

The erc-discuss list is scheduled to be renamed to emacs-erc tomorrow.
I have been told that after the rename, the current address will forward
messages sent to it to the new address; but I suggest everyone update
their address book to point to the new address once the rename is done.

Longer version:

I have been a happy ERC user for a few years now, and have landed a few
bug fixes into ERC.  I recently volunteered to maintain ERC, and am now
the maintainer for ERC.

As most of you probably already know, once developed outside Emacs, ERC
has been living in the GNU Emacs source tree for the better part of the
last decade now.

To continue and complete that transition, I would like to

1. bring the ERC discussion list under the Emacs umbrella, and
2. set up a nice page for ERC under the Emacs web site.

As such, I have asked the FSF sysadmins to help rename erc-discuss to
emacs-erc in order to better reflect that ERC is now part of Emacs, à la
Org's emacs-orgmode list.  The other two ERC lists erc-announce and
erc-commit have been dormant for years, and will be left as is.  Once
renamed, emacs-erc will serve as *the* ERC list going forward, for both
discussions and announcements about ERC.  Further, though we obviously
will not be editing/changing any of the existing message archives, I
have asked that HTTP redirects be set up so that old links using the
name erc-discuss would not break, and be redirected to emacs-erc.

To summarize and reiterate, if all goes well erc-discuss will soon be
renamed to emacs-erc and will serve as the main and only ERC list going
forward.  Since emacs-erc will be the combined successor of the current
three lists, the subscribers from the three lists will be merged into
emacs-erc once the rename is done.  Of course, anyone wishing to not
follow the list anymore can unsubscribe at any time.

I will reply to this message with upcoming updates.

Happy hacking!

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