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Re: [ESPResSo] Creating a Movie from Espresso Simulations

From: Olaf Lenz
Subject: Re: [ESPResSo] Creating a Movie from Espresso Simulations
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 15:16:55 +0200
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Hi Lorenzo!

Lorenzo Isella wrote:
> I am really looking for some cheap and quick solutions, since the most
> complicated structure I need to represent is a cluster of small
> spherical particles of the same type.

What you can use to produce this kind of movies is VMD. The first thing
is to get VMD to display you data. To do that, it is easiest to use the
VTF format, using the functions vsfwrite and vcfwrite of ESPResSo.

Once you have loaded the data in VMD, you can use the "VMD Movie Maker"
in VMD from

        VMD Main -> Extensions -> Visualization -> Movie Maker

When you have "ppmtompeg" installed, then this can create MPG movies
that can be viewed by most movie players.

Otherwise, I would recommend to use "JPEG frames" as output format, and
to create a movie using "mencoder", the encoder of "mplayer". Mplayer is
a very useful movie player, and mencoder is a very powerful encoder, as
it can create many different movie formats. I personally prefer to
create DivX (or MPEG-4) movies, as they are the smallest and provide
high quality.
Unfortunately, however, using mencoder is not for the feeble-hearted, as
it has awfully lots of options. On the other hand, I have suggested to
the developers of VMD to extend the VMD Movie Maker plugin to be able to
use mencoder, and John said that he is working on it.

Best regards

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