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From: Jon Halverson
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 14:25:18 +0200
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Hi all,

I agree with Mehmet. The same holds for the dihedral angle. I ran into this problem with another code when studying hydrocarbons which were initialized in the all-trans conformation where the angle is 180 degrees and cos(angle) may give something outside of /pm 1 due to round-off.

According to Berk Hess, GROMACS does what Mehmet is proposing. Furthermore, bonded interactions are inexpensive.


Mehmet Sayar wrote:
Hi all,

In the bond_angle_harmonic routine shouldn't there be a check for
cosine > 1.0. In other words, I think the code should be corrected as:

    double phi,sinphi;
    if ( cosine >  TINY_COS_VALUE ) cosine = TINY_COS_VALUE;
    if ( cosine < -TINY_COS_VALUE)  cosine = -TINY_COS_VALUE;
    phi =  acos(-cosine);
    sinphi = sin(phi);
    if ( sinphi < TINY_SIN_VALUE ) sinphi = TINY_SIN_VALUE;
    fac *= (phi - iaparams->p.angle.phi0)/sinphi;

If everybody agrees, I will add this to the cvs.

P.S. I originally send this message to address@hidden But since that email did not show up in the email-thread, I am re-sending the message.
Is address@hidden still in use?

And I already got an answer from Hanjo to the email sent to address@hidden, which was:

 > So far we have the checks only for functions with a singularity when
 > cosine is aproaching 1 (and sinphi is aproaching 0). Can the scalar
 > product yield values >1 ( <-1)? (which would yield an error in the acos
 > function). If yes then add
 >      if ( cosine >  1 ) cosine = 1;
 >      if ( cosine < -1)  cosine = -1;
 > To the corresponding force and energy routines.
 > Greetings Hanjo

Does everyone agree? Any objections?

Greetings from Istanbul,


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