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[ESPResSo] Requesting example input file for colloid simulation with Lan

From: Steven Kirk
Subject: [ESPResSo] Requesting example input file for colloid simulation with Langevin thermostat and online 'analyze'
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 08:45:02 +0100
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I wonder if anyone on this list uses Langevin (or Brownian) dynamics in
calculations on colloids with Espresso (especially using tabulated potentials in such a system), and if they perform online
analysis using, e.g. 'analyze aggregation' during the Espresso run?
If anyone can point me to some resources to do this, I would be very
grateful - I am already inspecting the provided examples, but would
greatly appreciate contact with someone who has performed this type of
simulation already.

Many thanks in advance,
Steve Kirk

Dr. Steven R. Kirk           <address@hidden, address@hidden>
Dept. of Technology, Mathematics & Computer Science  (P)+46 520 223215
University West                                      (F)+46 520 223299
Trollhattan 461 86 SWEDEN           

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