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[ESPResSo] problem loading espresso scripts?

From: Guillaume Larsen
Subject: [ESPResSo] problem loading espresso scripts?
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 14:20:09 +0000

Dear all,

Having added the needed packages to configure.h, and compiled Espresso, i still have problems running some of the samples, espacially espresso_logo.tcl and watch.tcl. Below are the error messages i get:
for espresso_logo.tcl:
(... )
Creating espresso_logo_vmd.tcl...
espresso_logo_vmd.tcl finished.
Error in startup script: invalid command name "vtfpid(1)"
    while executing
    (procedure "writevsf" line 150)
    invoked from within
"writevsf $vtf_file"
    invoked from within
"if { $vmd_offline == "yes" } then {
    set vtf_file [open "espresso_logo.vtf" w]
    writevsf $vtf_file
    # connect cup
    puts $vtf_file $vtf_bon..."
    (file "espresso/samples/espresso_logo.tcl" line 327)

My script directory is well defined. Is there a problem related to init.tcl from the script directory?

for watch.tcl:
Error in startup script: child process exited abnormally
    while executing
"exec ls -C1 $dir | grep "[format $format $start]""
    invoked from within
"set tmp_name [exec ls -C1 $dir | grep "[format $format $start]"]"
    (file "espresso/samples/watch.tcl" line 60)

Is there anybody who can help? Thank a lot!


Guillaume Larsen

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