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[ESPResSo] About Monte Carlo

From: Ahmad A. J. Agung
Subject: [ESPResSo] About Monte Carlo
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 20:31:35 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Experts,

I read the Espresso's paper, Hans-Jörg Limbach, Axel Arnold, Bernward A. Mann and Christian Holm. "ESPResSo - An Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft Matter Systems". Comput. Phys. Commun. 174(9) (704-727), 2006;

The paper mentioned about Monte Carlo simulation in ESPResSo. I am curious whether the recent Espresso can perform MC, or the MC code is not distributed yet? If Espresso can perform MC, how to activate it?
By the way, I thank so much for you having provide the great code.


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