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[ESPResSo] New ESPResSo Release (version 2.1.5c) in Gentoo Science Overl

From: Christoph Junghans
Subject: [ESPResSo] New ESPResSo Release (version 2.1.5c) in Gentoo Science Overlay
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:22:55 +0100
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Dear all,

the new release of ESPResSo is now available in science overlay of Gentoo linux:


Have fun,


Am 19.03.2010 11:02, schrieb Torsten Stuehn:
> Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 19:31:09 +0100
> From: address@hidden
> To: address@hidden
> CC: address@hidden
> Subject: [ESPResSo] New ESPResSo Release (version 2.1.5c)
> Dear ESPResSo users,
> A new public ESPResSo Release (version 2.1.5c) has been put
> onto the web server. It is available via the "Download" section of
> Kind regards,
> Torsten.

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