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[ESPResSo] New ESPResSo release (version 2.1.5d.ID.10T)

From: Olaf Lenz
Subject: [ESPResSo] New ESPResSo release (version 2.1.5d.ID.10T)
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 09:05:46 +0200
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The ESPResSo team is proud to announce a new release of the ESPResSo
simulation software, ESPResSo 2.1.5d.ID.10T "Green Release".

During the last weeks, we have been busy backporting some of the new
features of ESPResSo++ into ESPResSo, which will carry ESPResSo a good
deal into the future.
To save the earth for our children, the MPIP has established a policy
for ecologically friendly research. One of the specially supported
projects is the ESPResSo software, which is to be developed into a
simulation package with reduced energy demands and CO2 output.

Our software is one of the first with special support of IBM's new
NPower7-CPUs of the Not-so-much-Power series. These processors meet the
requirements of the GCFTFOOC hardware specifications (better known as
GPCPU ("Green Purpose Central Processing Unit")) with significantly
reduced power consumption. Furthermore, the processors support the
REIU-flag ("Renewable Energy In Use"), which is set whenever the CPU
runs on energy from renewable sources.

ESPResSo has special support for this flag. When using the
"use_green_power"-command in your script, it will run only when the REIU
flag is set. However, the operating system will automatically grant more
ressources to these processes, while conventional processes will run
with a lower priority.

Note, that when using the "use_green_power" command, ESPResSo will
refuse to run simulations of chemically harmful substances and systems
that require a high activation energy.

Best regards
        The ESPResSo development team
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