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Re: [ESPResSo-users] Error during Espresso Installation

From: Axel Arnold
Subject: Re: [ESPResSo-users] Error during Espresso Installation
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2014 22:43:49 +0200
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On 04.07.14 19:09, padidela uday wrote:

Can anyone please help me in installation of ESPResSo.

During installation i am facing problem with MPI

*      Checking compiler characteristics and MPI support       *
checking for style of include used by make... GNU
checking whether to compile using MPI... yes
checking for mpicc... mpicc
checking for gcc... (cached) mpicc
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking for suffix of executables...
checking whether we are cross compiling... configure: error: in `/home/uday/espresso-3.2.0':
configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.
If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'.
See `config.log' for more details

It looks like programs compiled with mpicc cannot be run directly on your system. You need to check with the documentation of your system how to run mpi programs. If you cannot run them without using mpiexec or so, you need to cross compile, as the message says, however often, you are just lacking some "module load" commands, which you get from the documentation of your cluster.

I used ./configure --without-mpi to get rid of this error...

Later i faced problem with cuda

Other settings
local config header    = myconfig.h
installation prefix    = /root/Espresso
number of test tasks    =
mympiexec               = /home/uday/espresso-3.2.0/
mpiexec                 = /usr/local/bin/mpiexec
pdflatex        = no
makeindex        = no
bibtex            = no
doxygen            = /usr/bin/doxygen
dot            =
python            = /usr/bin/python -B

CUDA disabled or not supported.

Again I used --without-cuda. But it gives again same MPI error..

What problem with CUDA? It is just disabled, presumably because there is no cuda environment installed on your system. For most algorithms, you don't need CUDA, and if you do, the machine has to be equipped with high end NVIDIA GPUs.


JP Dr. Axel Arnold
ICP, Universit├Ąt Stuttgart
Allmandring 3
70569 Stuttgart, Germany
Email: address@hidden
Tel: +49 711 685 67609

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