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[ESPResSo-users] lbboundary

From: roya moghaddasi
Subject: [ESPResSo-users] lbboundary
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 01:16:13 -0700

Hello dear everybody,
I have a cylinder in my script like this:
constraint cylinder center $c $c $c axis 0 0 1 radius $r length $box_length direction -1 type 4 penetrable 0
All of my particles are within this cylinder,
I want to have hydrodynamics, LB, in my system, so I've added the following to my script:

thermostat off
thermostat lb 1.0
lbfluid dens 0.864  visc 3.0  agrid 1.0  tau 0.01
lbfluid friction 20.0
integrate 100000

Should I use lbboundary in my script or not?
Is the lbboundary cylinder?
How can I add this to my script?

I would really appreciate if someone can help me.
Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,

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