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[ESPResSo-users] Inability to replicate a specific type of fluid flow.

From: Harmanjit Singh
Subject: [ESPResSo-users] Inability to replicate a specific type of fluid flow.
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2015 16:47:48 +0530

Dear All,
I can not replicate a fluid flow where in after a cylindrical obstacle, secondary vortices form (something similar to ). The Stream lines (visualized in paraview) all flow unbroken from source to sink, i.e. there is no vortex after obstacle and i am inclined to believe there should be (I only get the fluid flow of the first kind as shown here but i don't get fluid flow of second kind). I have played around with the density, viscosity and velocity values but to no avail.
I am curious is this type of behavior possible in Lb-fluid Simulations in Espresso3.3.0? If it is, please guide me how can I simulate it.
Thanks and Regards
Script (ran on version 3.3.0):

setmd time_step 0.1; setmd skin 0.5
set boxX 30; set boxY 30; set boxZ 120
setmd box_l $boxX $boxY $boxZ
lbfluid gpu agrid 1.0 dens 1.0 visc 8 tau 0.1 friction 0.8
source boundaries.tcl
lbboundary rhomboid velocity 0 0 0.05 corner 1 [expr {7*$boxY/8}] 1 a [expr $boxX-1] 0 0 b 0 [expr $boxY/8] 0 c 0 0 1 direction 1
set steps 200; set counter 0
while { $counter<50} {
    set cycle [expr $counter*$steps]
    puts "cycle $cycle"
    lbfluid print vtk velocity "output/fluid$cycle.vtk"
    integrate $steps
    incr counter

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