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Re: [ESPResSo-users] GPU Lattice Boltzmann

From: Georg Rempfer
Subject: Re: [ESPResSo-users] GPU Lattice Boltzmann
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 21:24:38 +0200


hardware wise you need an NVIDIA graphics card with compute capability >= 2.0. I think you would have a hard time finding a card that only has compute capability 1.1 these days, so that is not a serious constraint. The more memory the better of course. As for the software, you need the CUDA toolkit and matching drivers to be installed on the machine. Both of those you can get from the NVIDIA website ( or from your distribution's repositories.


On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 1:44 PM, David Schwörer <address@hidden> wrote:

A list of all CUDA capable GPUs is here:

You can find the instructions to get started with CUDA (what is needed
for ESPResSo on GPUs) in the documentation of nvidia:


On 04/10/2015 08:27 AM, Wink, Markus wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> so far I am using the Lattice-Boltzmann method with CPU. I am not familiar with GPUs, but I wanted to try out the GPU implementation. What are the minimum requirements for using it? Can someone please give me some information about what GPU is needed as a minimum? What libraries is the implementation referring to?
> Sorry for the not qualified question,  but I am a total novice to the field of GPU.
> Greetings
> Markus Wink

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