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[ESPResSo-users] Correlations, MSD, plotting and python.

From: Rohit Goswami
Subject: [ESPResSo-users] Correlations, MSD, plotting and python.
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 05:00:47 +0530

On running the sample correlation.tcl , I was unable to understand the output 
format. From the user guide it mentions the output to be the time, the 
contributing particle number and the individual components of the correlation..
How would these individual components be interpreted as plottable MSD values? 
[In context of the msd files produced from the correlation.tcl file]

The data in question is in the following form

0.32 499984 0.0930939 0.093013 0.0939898 0.0939667 0.0916034 0.0915876 

A more inefficient method involving the particle positions being substracted 
and squared directly gives easily plotted values in the form

3  9.7157884

[The second data set isn't related to correlation.tcl, its taken from the 
msd.tcl file in the docs produced for the first tutorial]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, are the core analysis techniques accessible from within the 
python interface?

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