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[ESPResSo-users] Saving and loading warmup checkpoints

From: Evyatar Arad
Subject: [ESPResSo-users] Saving and loading warmup checkpoints
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2015 14:02:24 +0300

Hello everyone,

After the implementation of the new integrator, I’m now in the testing phase 
and could use some assistance in saving and loading of checkpoints.
I’ve noticed there are two phases for a system warmup:
1)     The first warmup, with a default 20 times of 100 steps and 
warm_time_step, a smaller dt.
2)      The second warmup where force cap starts at 1000 and while using the 
main_time_step as dt.

I would like to be able to reload a configuration from the end of either of the 
two phases, and continue the warmup\simulation with varying time step 
parameters for inspection.

If I try using the  file ./simplebilayer//simplebilayer.0000.gz  as a 
checkpoint to load by changing it’s name to checkpoint.latest.gz and re-running 
with still in folder, Espresso produces the following output 
without running the sim:

:: >  loaded version 1.0.0 of analysis
:: >  loaded version 1.3.3 of cmdline
:: >  loaded version 1.0.0 of system_generation
:: >  using paramsfile: simplebilayer.tcl
:: >  loading parameter file .. done
::mbtools::utils >  reading Checkpoint ./simplebilayer//checkpoint.latest.gz
::mbtools::utils >  initializing vmd to : offline
::mbtools::analysis >  setting up analysis
:: >  

Thanks in advance for your help,

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