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[ESPResSo-users] [Error] The operation "radial_density_map" you requeste

From: Bart Emons
Subject: [ESPResSo-users] [Error] The operation "radial_density_map" you requested is not implemented
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 13:42:16 +0100

Dear sir/madam,

Recently I have been starting to use EspressoMD for a thesis project. I 
intended to compute the radial density map (UG: 8.1.4) of certain monomers 
within the polymer but I receive the following error:

The operation "radial_density_map" you requested is not implemented.
    while executing
"analyze radial_density_map 5 5 5 5"
    ("for" body line 33)
    invoked from within
"for { set frame 1 } { $frame <= $num_frames } { incr frame } {
    puts -nonewline "$frame/$num_frames\r"
    flush stdout
    integrate $steps_per_fr..."
    (file "regular_polymer_analysis.tcl" line 239)

I have tried the alternative ‘analyze radial_density_profile’ since a tcl 
script is present in the mbttools directory with this name, but no result. 
UG8.1.1 and UG8.1.2 both work. Could you help me identify the problem? In the 
attachment I have put my script. 

Thanks for your help! 
Kind regards, 

Bart Emons
M.Sc. student AMOLF institute, The Netherlands

Attachment: regular_polymer_analysis.tcl
Description: Binary data

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