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Re: MPI problem?

From: Andreas Härtel
Subject: Re: MPI problem?
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2020 14:38:08 +0100
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I have to add a note:
adding particles is extremely slow: 13000 particles can take hours.
Maybe - hopefully - this is related ...

Thanks and best regards,

On 26.02.20 10:32, Steffen Hirschmann wrote:
Hi Andreas,

On 14:40 Tue 25 Feb     , Andreas Härtel wrote:
An MPI process has executed an operation involving a call to the
"fork()" system call to create a child process.
do you manually start a new process from the Python simulation script?
E.g. using os.system(), the modules subprocess or multiprocessing?
It would be beneficial if you could post the simulation script to the
mailing list.


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