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Locations of lattice Boltzmann boundaries

From: Chih-Tang Liao
Subject: Locations of lattice Boltzmann boundaries
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 13:58:05 +0800

Dear users,

The package version that I am using is ver. 3.3. Now I am having some trouble understanding some details of the LB code.

Suppose I want to construct a slit channel with a height H. Where should I set up the walls?  

My understanding is that the LB nodes are placed at the half-integer positions in terms of agrid. Therefore, 
the bottom wall should at a position higher than 0.5 agrid, say dis=1. Otherwise, there will be no boundary nodes, 
which may cause a breakdown I guess. The top wall should locate at 1+H, so that I will have a channel with a height=H.
Suppose the walls are in the y direction. Only the fluid nodes at (x,y,z)=(x,0,z) are boundary nodes. Is my understanding correct?

Best Regards,

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