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Re: Regarding applying magnetic field on virtual sides

From: Martin Kaiser
Subject: Re: Regarding applying magnetic field on virtual sides
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2021 15:51:55 +0100

Dear Chandra,

What exactly do you mean by surface particle? Is the dimer constructed with a raspberry? It is usually enough to just assign a dipole to a particle with the “dip” or “dipm” parameter at particle creation, then it will have an interaction with the magnetic field. It is also worth considering not to put the dipoles on the surface particles, but only on the central particles of your dimers, if your model allows for that.


On 09.02.2021, at 15:39, chandra shekhar maurya <> wrote:

Dear all,
I have created a dimer. How can I apply a magnetic field on the surface particle?
I have used tutorial ferrofluid Part2, but it is not working. It is working only for central particle.

Thanks & Regards
Chandra Shekhar Maurya
Mechanical Eng. Dept.
Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Contact No:9793572837

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