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Changes to the ESPResSo website and wiki

From: Jean-Noël Grad
Subject: Changes to the ESPResSo website and wiki
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 11:17:17 +0100
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Dear ESPResSo users,

The ESPResSo team would like to share with you recent improvements made to the official website and wiki, and announce a new communication channel on GitHub.

The espressomd website ( is now accessible securely via HTTPS. The RSS feed is working again ( The user guide and tutorials were moved to GitHub Pages (; this change was necessary for technical reasons. There is a redirection on the wordpress website, so that old links and bookmarks will continue to work. The espressomd GitHub Pages now provides tutorials for both the development branch and the most recent ESPResSo release. The devel version of the user guide now includes a button on python code samples to hide terminal output and Python prompt symbols (>>> and ...), so as to facilitate copy-pasting examples directly in the terminal and in user scripts.

The GitHub wiki now has an installation FAQ ( that centralizes answers to the most common questions found on the mailing list and issue tracker. Installation instructions for Ubuntu 20.04 have been updated, installation instructions for Microsoft Windows via WSL with GPU support have been added, and python package version requirements have been adjusted due to compatibility issues with old packages.

The developer's guide on the wiki has been substantially improved to lower the barrier to entry for new contributors ( The proceedings of the ESPResSo meetings ( have been grouped by year. The draft release notes of planned releases are updated every month with the PR numbers and a short summary of the changes. Under-the-hood changes are also reported, so that contributors developing new features for ESPResSo can learn about non-API breaking changes that may impact integration of their code. Progress can be tracked with the milestones ( The wiki has a basic RSS feed to notify changes to the release notes, meeting proceedings and developer's guide (

We have activated Discussions on GitHub ( This is a place where you can ask questions without having to open a ticket/issue. You can also discuss development ideas with the community. These discussions can be referenced in tickets/issues.

Jean-Noël Grad

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