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Regarding particles moving outside the box

From: chandra shekhar maurya
Subject: Regarding particles moving outside the box
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 17:42:40 +0530

Hello everyone,
I am simulating tutorial "Ferrofluid - Part 3". Which is a 3D system. I am using a vtf file to visulise the particles within the box. But the particles move outside the box. Is it the problem of the system or vtf file?
How can I fix it?

equil_rounds = 1000
equil_steps = 10
equil_cycle =1
from import vtf
fp = open('trajectory_monomer2.vtf', mode='w+t')
vtf.writevsf(system, fp)
vtf.writevcf(system, fp)
for i in range(equil_rounds):
for j in range(equil_cycle):
vtf.writevcf(system, fp)

Thanks & Regards
Chandra Shekhar Maurya
Mechanical Eng. Dept.
Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Contact No:9793572837

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