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[Fab-user] question about sudo executed

From: Robert Ramírez Vique
Subject: [Fab-user] question about sudo executed
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 16:47:19 +0200


I am trying to execute a sudo command on one server, my problem is that in the remote server I got this error:

[bronx] sudo: sudo -S -p 'sudo password:'  /bin/bash -l -c  "uptime"
[bronx] err: Sorry, user devel is not allowed to execute '/bin/bash -l -c uptime' as root on bronx.
Error: The sudo operation failed on bronx.

here is the code of my fabfil:

def test():

The problem probably is something I've something badly configured because the system is trying to execute "/bin/bash -l -c uptime", and I have to give sudo access (in the sudoers file) to the user devel on this command, to every command I want to execute, including things like "/bin/bash -l -c /etc/init.d/nginx start", "/bin/bash -l -c /etc/init.d/nginx stop", "/bin/bash -l -c /etc/init.d/nginx reload" ... The other option is to give access to /bin/bash, but this is clearly not the correct solution, due security issues.

I tried to changing the fab_shell to nothing (''), but then the run methods don't work. Don't know any other option

I am using the last Fabric 0.1.0 installed with easy_install, on an ubuntu 8.04


      Robert Ramírez Vique
      Computer Science Engineer

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