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[Fab-user] Re: Specify what directory should be rsynced

From: Wes Winham
Subject: [Fab-user] Re: Specify what directory should be rsynced
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 10:52:18 -0400

I'd just like to add my +1 to this feature request. When I get to the
next deployment phase of my current project, I was planning on
upgrading to the new version of Fabric and adding that feature to get
some rsync goodness, but if it's there next week without me needing to
do my hack job, then all the better :) My project is currently set up
to run fab out of a folder that's not the root of the project, so I
use ../. when tarring and pushing the contents.

I'm super excited about how much rsync is going to speed up my
deployment process when I'm just applying small changes. Thanks for
the awesome work.


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