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[Fab-user] Welcome Jeff Forcier as new lead

From: Christian Vest Hansen
Subject: [Fab-user] Welcome Jeff Forcier as new lead
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 21:36:51 +0200


Today, I hand over the leadership of Fabric and its development to Jeff Forcier.

I started the project because I wanted it to solve a specific problem
I had. Fabric has since grown to cover every use case I have, and my
drive to further its development have likewise lessened. I simpley
don't spend the time on it I used to.

That's a shame, so I am happy to announce that Jeff is taking over. I
have confidence in the quality of his, and I believe that his vision
for where he wants to take the project is sound.

In conclusion: this is a good thing. :)

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards,
Christian Vest Hansen.

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