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[Fab-user] Git repository migrations

From: Jeff Forcier
Subject: [Fab-user] Git repository migrations
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:45:01 -0400

Hi folks,

In the interests of clarity and ease of administration, the official Github
mirror of Fabric will be migrating from Christian's source repository
(karmazilla/fabric) to mine (bitprophet/fabric).To accomplish this I will have
to delete my existing fork of Fabric on Github, and recreate a new repository
with the same name.

For those who are currently watching/forking bitprophet/fabric, apologies for
the inconvenience! Please re-watch/re-fork the new repository once it appears.

For those who are forking Christian's Fabric repo and not mine, if you wish to
stay up to date I suggest you also migrate over to mine. Christian will likely
keep his around for some time but it will no longer be the official

Finally, please note that the canonical Fabric Git repo has moved from
nongnu.org to a new Fabric-specific domain, fabfile.org. It can be found at
http://git.fabfile.org/ which provides archive downloads and a link to the
clone URL (which is git://fabfile.org/fabric.git).

I am sending this to the current Fabric Github network (so no, there is no
actual pull request), the watchers of my fork, and the mailing list, so
apologies for any redundancy that may occur.


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