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[Fab-user] Using tasks for creating environments

From: Horst Gutmann
Subject: [Fab-user] Using tasks for creating environments
Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 01:47:02 +0200

Hi :-)

I'm still uncertain how to use some of the changes introduced in 0.9.
Previously I used multiple tasks to setup an environment for the
*actual* tasks -- like ``fab staging deploy``.

Now I found myself in a situation where I had some problems with a
username since it doesn't match the fabric.network.host_pattern
because it has a "-" in it. My first idea was to try the -u option but
there I noticed another problem: In fabric/main.py state.env.user gets
set to None, which basically kills that option after the first task
and therefor also IMO prevents the actual environment setup.

So I have, basically, 2 problems:

* hast_pattern is perhaps a bit too restrictive since "-"s in
usernames are obviously valid (at least they work ;-)
* -u gets None-ified right after the first task is completed

Am I perhaps missing something?

Thank you :-)

Regards, Horst

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