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[Fab-user] EC2 host keys

From: Patrick J McNerthney
Subject: [Fab-user] EC2 host keys
Date: Sat, 09 May 2009 11:10:37 -0400
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I have an issue with Amazon EC2 instances where ssh host keys have been saved in .ssh/known_hosts but are incompatible with an EC2 instance ip address. This occurs when the ip address has been reassigned to a new EC2 instance. So the basic sequence of events are:

o Start an EC2 instance which is assigned an ip address.
o ssh to that ip address and that server's ssh key is associated with that ip address in the known_hosts file.
o Terminate that EC2 instance.
o A new EC2 instance is started and it happens to get assigned the same ip address.

At this point, if I first ssh to it, I have ssh configured with StrictHostKeyChecking set to no, so ssh will emit a warning about this ip address having a new key, but still allows me to continue.

However, if at this point I try to use Fabric to execute some commands, it always will fail. This is because the SSHClient.load_system_host_keys is always called, causing the connection to fail if there is an incompatibility between the ip address and the server key.

I have addressed this in my own fork here: http://github.com/iciclespider/fabric/commit/08ad1c491e5643990c2a35e865784d2b61aa742f

What this does is replace this:

   if not env.reject_unknown_keys:

with this:

   if env.reject_unknown_keys:

I also considered using another env setting value to control this, but my conclusion that this behavior is in fact in line with the implied behavior of the "reject_unknown_keys" name. In other words, the list of known keys should only be loaded if the intention is to reject those keys that are not known.

Pat McNerthney
ClearPoint Metrics, Inc.

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