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Re: [Fab-user] Trouble authenticating with ssh key

From: Erik Wickstrom
Subject: Re: [Fab-user] Trouble authenticating with ssh key
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 11:20:56 -0700

Yup, no luck with env.user or hosts = ['address@hidden'] -- no difference.

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 11:14 AM, John Stallings <address@hidden> wrote:
i am using fab with ec2 with the same type of setup.   Did you set the env.user to the correct user for that key? If you have feel free to ignore the suggestion :)

On May 21, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Erik Wickstrom wrote:

Hi all,

I'm running the trunk release of 0.0.9 and having trouble authenticating with an ssh key.

When I run "fab -i ~/ec2-keys/id_django-keypair production flash" instead of the key being used, I'm prompted for a password to login.  This key works fine when I "ssh -i ..." to my server.

What am I missing?  I'm fine with either an -i option or a path variable in my fabfile.

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