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@task(hosts=[…]) yields Context but -H yields Connection?

From: Daniel Middleton
Subject: @task(hosts=[…]) yields Context but -H yields Connection?
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2020 15:56:10 +0100

Python 3.8.2, Fabric 2.5.0, Paramiko 2.7.2, Invoke 1.4.1


I have a fabfile which needs to handle hosts passed at the command-line (using `-H`) and hosts defined in the fabfile if `-H` was not passed. Here's an example of the issue I'm facing:

target_group = None

def prod(ctx):
    _env_handler(ctx, "prod")

def _env_handler(ctx, env_name):
    global target_group

    if not hasattr(ctx, 'host'):
        target_group = Group("somehost1.tld", "somehost2.tld")

def test(ctx):

If I run `fab prod test`:

<Context: <Config: {'run': {'asynch ...

If I run `fab -H 1,2 test`:

<Connection host=1>
<Connection host=2>

So, passing hosts using the `@task(hosts=[...]` decorator produces a ctx `Context` object, and using `-H` produces a ctx `Connection` object.

I know using a task (`prod(ctx)`) to wrap environment logic may be questionable...but is there a way to ensure the task (`test(ctx)`) always receives a `Connection` object...or am I fundamentally misunderstanding something?


Edit: I've also tried directly passing a host list `(e.g. @task(hosts=["somehost1.tld", "somehost2.tld"]))` with the same result.

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