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[fim-devel] fim 0.3-alpha is out

From: Michele Martone
Subject: [fim-devel] fim 0.3-alpha is out
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 06:36:09 +0000
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Fim version 0.3-alpha is out and ready for download [*]. It brings many 
features over 0.2.
>From the NEWS file :

 * experimental support for AAlib (Ascii Art rendering) (-t)
 * reading image files (-i) and scripts (-p) from stdin
 * runs on the powerpc architecure
 * rewritten from scratch the debug console, now buffered and with scrolling
 * achieved speedup in magnifying pictures
 * achieved speedup in displaying dithered images
 * smarter quoting rules (looser quote checking) when "push"ing files
 * dumping to file execution logs as executable scripts (-W/--write-scriptout)
 * implemented regular expressions matching operator (=~)
 * new default key bindings for split windows control
 * could be compiled with no readline library (--disable-readline)

Some work has been done on compilation compatibility, but it is not enough.
Prior to marking a version like 0.3, -pedantic and -Wall GCC options will be 
used to validate the code.
Right now many of the checks implied by these flags will make code compilation
fail on various GCC setups. This mess is due to the C - C++ conversion made
during the 0.2 version work.


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