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[fim-devel] fim new release(s): 0.3 and 0.4-beta !!

From: Michele Martone
Subject: [fim-devel] fim new release(s): 0.3 and 0.4-beta !!
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 12:25:32 +0100
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Dear FIM users,

I am happy to announce that (finally!) I released fim-0.3 and fim-0.4-beta.

fim-0.3 introduces fixes collected after version 0.3-beta-prerelease, and 
should be rather stable, though obsoleted by the current (also rather stable) 
0.4 candidate, that is: and fim-0.4-beta.

I recommend trying fim-0.4-beta and providing me feedback on eventual bugs.
This version brings many, many improvements to the old fim-0.3-beta-prerelease 

Tarballs available at http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/fbi-improved/

Summarized NEWS of the two releases:

                Version 0.4-beta

 * interface to the GraphicsMagic library (more graphics formats supported)
 * introduced bitwise AND and OR operators
 * support for rendering "matrix market" numerical matrix files (with librsb)
 * X mode not anymore default in aalib, available at option 
 * libjpeg usage fixes
 * libpng usage fixes (support for PNG_LIBPNG_VER>=10209)
 * documentation improvements (e.g.: fim man page is auto-generated)
 * "imlib2" X-based output device support 
 * "sdl" output device improvements (fullscreen/mouse/windowed options, I/O, ..)
 * more default consolefont options (e.g.: hardcoded consolefonts support)
 * configure option to disable the fim history file
 * improvements to scale, goto, other commands
 * improved directories reading
 * introduced --no-commandline, --no-internal-config switches
 * aggregated some commands for clarity
 * output console can be disabled at configure time
 * important fbdev bug fixes 
 * autocompletion of variable identifiers

                Version 0.3

 * minor strchr compilation problem on some systems
 * better consolefonts support  
 * much better SDL support (different color modes)
 * 'negate' feature
 * -S, or 'sanity-check' switch 

p.s.: When submitting a report, please use version 0.4-beta !

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