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[fim-devel] Picture frame with FIM

From: bud18
Subject: [fim-devel] Picture frame with FIM
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 23:00:59 +0200

i try to use FIM for a picture frame with Raspberry PI. The picture frame should work without any input device and should cycle the pictures which are on the SD card. (THis pictures will be added and removed in the background)
I try to achive this with the following command: 
fim -R -a -u --slideshow 5 /home/slideshow/pictures
The problem is that the slideshow stops at the end and I can't find a solution to restart the slideshow. One more requirement is that the picture list should be rebuild after each cycle.
Hopefully very simple for you. ;-) 
Can you help me? 
I am using a RASPBIAN Debian Wheezy Release date:2015-05-05
I installed: fim-0.5-trunk 
FIM -V is showing me this:
FIM - Fbi IMproved 0.5-trunk ( repository version 801 ), by Michele Martone <dezperado _CUT_ autistici _CUT_ org>, built on Jun 14 2015 ( based on fbi version 1.31 (c) by 1999-2004 Gerd Hoffmann )
Compiled with  libpng version 1.2.49 - March 29, 2012
Compiled with libgif,  Version 4.1, .
Compiled with libjpeg, v.80.
Configuration invocation: ./configure --disable-readline
Fim options (features included (+) or not (-)):
FIM_AUTHOR_EMAIL = "<dezperado _CUT_ autistici _CUT_ org>"
FIM_AUTHOR = "Michele Martone <dezperado _CUT_ autistici _CUT_ org>"
FIM_AUTHOR_NAME = "Michele Martone"
FIM_CONFIGURATION = "./configure --disable-readline"
FIM_VERSION = "0.5-trunk"
CXXFLAGS=-g -O2 -I/usr/include/libpng12
Supported output devices (for --output-device):  fb dumb
Supported file formats:  pdf jpeg tiff gif png ppm bmp

Supported file loaders:  ppm pgm Bit1 Bit24 libungif libtiff-MM libtiff-II libjpeg bmp pcx libpng Text
I tryed to use also the following command in:
:autocmd 'PostExecutionCycle' '*'  'quit';
I though this is closing fim but i can still find it in the program list.
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards

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