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[fim-devel] fimgs: keep scaling-/zoom-factor when changing pages

From: Martin Klaiber
Subject: [fim-devel] fimgs: keep scaling-/zoom-factor when changing pages
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 15:16:34 +0200
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I am new on this list and hope, my question is not a faq.

I use fbi/fbgs, fim/fimgs for many years now and like to thank you for
this nice viewer. Currently I use version 0.3-beta-prerelease-1.3+b1
from Debian stable.

Most of the time I use fimgs in a framebuffer-console to read *pdf's.

In these cases I would like to keep a constant scaling-factor (zoom)
from page to page. But I have to rescale after each page.

Example: when I start fimgs it shows the text/page fixed to the width
of the screen. Most of the times this is fine. Sometimes it is too
wide, so I press '-' and everything is ok. When I change to the next
page, fimgs shows the text again in full width but it would be nice,
it would keep the narrower width. Instead I have to press '-' again.

Is there a way I can fix the width of the text when changing pages?

Thank you very much!

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