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Re: [fim-devel] fimgs: keep scaling-/zoom-factor when changing pages

From: Martin Klaiber
Subject: Re: [fim-devel] fimgs: keep scaling-/zoom-factor when changing pages
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:01:12 +0200
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Hi Michele,

Michele Martone <address@hidden> wrote:

> First of all, please pardon my late answer!

Don't worry, it's fine!

> I'm very glad to learn about your appreciation of fim/fimgs --- that
> gives always further motivation into developing it :-))) thank you !!

Thank you, Michele, for developing this software :-)

> If I understood your problematic correctly, I've a fix.
> I suggest inserting in ~/.fimrc:

>  alias 'LockScale' "if(_scale_style!=''){ _scale_style=scale.'%';} else 
> {_scale_style='';}";
>  bind 'L' 'LockScale;';

> then start fim/fimgs, click on L to lock scale and continue browsing.
> Scale should preserve from file to file now.
> Press L again to terminate this mode.

> I've tried this with the latest trunk sources (0.6-trunk); does that
> work on your/0.3-beta as well ?

The locking didn't work in the 0.3-beta. But the 0.5-rc1-sources
compile well on Debian jessie, so I have the locking now. Thank you!

Unfortunately with 0.5-rc1 I have heavy flickering in the fb-console
whenever I press a cursor-key (up/down). I tested it on two different
machines. If we could solve this problem would be nice, it is a bit
bothering. If I can help you with some debugging etc, please let me

Another problem: the textreading-mode doesn't work anymore when
calling fimgs. The pages are centered and the space-key doesn't work
as intended. Calling fimgs with option -P also doesn't work.

I tried to compile fim with --pdf-enable, unfortunately libpoppler in
jessie is too old.

Is fimgs still recommended for pdf? Or do you want to change to
pdf-support in fim?


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