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[Findutils-patches] Findutils documentation licensed under FDL 1.2

From: James Youngman
Subject: [Findutils-patches] Findutils documentation licensed under FDL 1.2
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 16:13:06 +0000

I just applied this change to the 4.2.x code tree.  The patch is
attached (not compressed this time, it's small).

2007-12-08  James Youngman  <address@hidden>

        Distribute findutils documentation under FDL 1.2.
        * doc/find.texi: This file is now distributed under version 1.2 of
        the GNU Free Documentation license.   Include a copy of the
        license document in the info and dvi files.
        * doc/.cvsignore: Ignore fdl.texi.
        * import-gnulib.config (modules): Import the fdl module.
        * NEWS: Mention this fact.

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