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[Flexisip-developers] Dependency error when installing on CentOS 7

From: Emilio Panighetti
Subject: [Flexisip-developers] Dependency error when installing on CentOS 7
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019 17:26:55 -0500


Had Flexisip running on another server, and when moving it to a new server, Flexisip fails because of a dependency:

yum list installed | grep Belledone
bc-bctoolbox.x86_64                         0.6.0-143.el7            @Belledone 
bc-belle-sip.x86_64                         1.6.3-187.el7            @Belledone 
bc-belr.x86_64                              0.1.3-55.el7             @Belledone 
bc-flexisip.x86_64                          1:1.0.13-104.el7         @Belledone 
bc-hiredis.x86_64                           0.13.3-0.el7             @Belledone 
bc-hiredis-devel.x86_64                     0.13.3-0.el7             @Belledone 
bc-liblinphone.x86_64                       3.12.0-3197.el7          @Belledone 
bc-mediastreamer.x86_64                     2.16.1-516.el7           @Belledone 
bc-ortp.x86_64                              1:1.0.2-56.el7           @Belledone 
bc-soci.x86_64                              4.0.0-3.el7              @Belledone 
bc-soci-devel.x86_64                        4.0.0-3.el7              @Belledone 
bc-soci-mysql.x86_64                        4.0.0-3.el7              @Belledone 
bc-soci-mysql-devel.x86_64                  4.0.0-3.el7              @Belledone 
bc-sofia-sip.x86_64                         1.13.32bc-1.el7          @Belledone 

When starting Flexisip, I’m getting a dependency error. I tried removing all RPMs and installing again.

# /opt/belledonne-communications/bin/flexisip
/opt/belledonne-communications/bin/flexisip: symbol lookup error: /opt/belledonne-communications/lib64/libflexisip.so: undefined symbol: _ZN8linphone8ChatRoom21setParticipantDevicesERKSt10shared_ptrIKNS_7AddressEERKSt4listIS1_IS2_ESaIS8_EE

I realize it’s an issue with a miss-matched liblinphone, but I can’t find an updated RPM

I’m using the repos from http://www.linphone.org/snapshots/centos7

Thank you

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