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Re: flexisip_pusher not working.

From: Joel Linn
Subject: Re: flexisip_pusher not working.
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2020 16:23:54 +0100


Just for clarification, did you build your own custom linphone ios app with your push keys?
Are you able to share your (anonymized) configuration file with us?

Best Regards,

Joel Linn

On 2020-03-18 15:27, Mikhail Sviridov wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I solved all previous problems and flexisip is working as it should. Now I got to the next problem - push notification.

I followed (very brief) instructions about push notification configuration, but if did not work. I tried flexisip_pusher and got following debug messages:

user@server:~$ flexisip_pusher --pntype apple --appid key_file.pem -pntok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --debug

Writing logs in : /var/opt/belledonne-communications/log/flexisip/flexisip-pusher.log

2020-03-18 14:06:30:320 flexisip-debug-Searching push notification client on dir [/etc/flexisip/apn]

2020-03-18 14:06:30:321 flexisip-debug-Certificate /etc/flexisip/apn/key_file.pem has a valid expiration: Mar 9 07:48:40 2021 GMT.

2020-03-18 14:06:30:321 flexisip-debug-Adding ios push notification client [key_file]

2020-03-18 14:06:30:322 flexisip-debug-PNR 0x563b21d88dc0 payload is {"aps":{"alert":{"loc-key":"IM_MSG","loc-args":["Pusher"]},"sound":"msg.caf","badge":1},"call-id":"","pn_ttl":2592000,"uuid":"","send-time":"2020-03-18 14:06:30"}

2020-03-18 14:06:30:322 flexisip-error-No push notification client available for push notification request : 0x563b21d88dc0

Segmentation fault

What should I have in the /etc/flexisip/apn/ beside the key file? Should I rename key_file.pem in some "porper" name?

BTW when I ran flexisip as proxy I got following debug:

2020-03-18 13:43:27:925 flexisip-debug-Searching push notification client on dir [/etc/flexisip/apn]

2020-03-18 13:43:27:925 flexisip-debug-Adding ios push notification client [key_file]

Does it mean flexisip itself did find "push notification client"? What is wrong with flexisip_pusher?

With Best Regards,


P.S. If someone interested in working configuration file (simple SIP proxy) I can share it here...

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