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Broadcast SIP URI in flexisip

From: JNT-Masood Heidary
Subject: Broadcast SIP URI in flexisip
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2020 18:16:34 +0000


I want to broadcast SIP URI in flexisip  or make a group call (caller:180--->callee:182,183) so I tried to test static-records-file option but it doesn't work.

static-records-file = /etc/flexisip/routes.conf

sip:180@ sip:182@, sip:183@

I found something are wrong at routes.conf and i got below error :

flexisip-warning-error while reading the static record file [/etc/flexisip/routes.conf:1
sip:180@ sip:182@, sip:183@;: invalid line syntax

what is correct prototype for this section?



Best Regards,

Masood Heydari

Head of Development

Solkraftsvägen 35, Stockholm, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 (0)8 99 30 60

Mobile: +46 (0)76 550 32 72

e-mail : masood@jnt.se

internet : www.jnt.se

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